» Detecting Autism in Infants Age One Year Health and Wellness

» Detecting Autism in Infants Age One Year  Health and Wellness

Detecting Autism in Infants Age One Year

Detecting Autism in Infants Age One Year

Detecting Autism in Infants Age One Year

Detecting Autism in Infants Age One Year

Autism is also known as a highly complex developmental disorder in children, usually show symptoms before the child is three years old. In fact, now has created a method of screening for infants aged one year.

Screening methods were developed by a team of pediatricians in San Diego, United States and has been tested on more than 10,479 babies a year old. The infant is a patient of 137 pediatricians.

Using a simple questionnaire that can be completed within 5 years, parents or caregivers of children were asked to answer about the behavior of a child who has covered the presence or absence of eye contact, voice, words, gestures, object recognition and other forms of communication.

Babies who are considered not pass the test alias show symptoms of autism was referred to the San Diego Autism Center for Excellence for further evaluation every 6 months to 3 year old. Of the 346 children who were referred, 184 children followed up evaluation at least two sessions.

In general, screening is done is to have predictive value reached 75 percent. From the evaluation, 32 children diagnosed with autism, 56 diagnosed with speech delay, 9 children suffering from developmental delay and 36 children diagnosed with other types of developmental delays.

Meanwhile the children diagnosed with autism, the majority of starting therapy at age 19 months is actually very early compared to other children. Often new parents bringing children to the doctor when the child was three years old and that means it’s too late. This screening program is very promising because it can be implemented and virtually no cost. This screening method can also be done in everyday clinical practice, wrote the researchers, Karen Pierce, assistant professor of neuroscience at UC San Diego.

There is strong evidence that the therapy is carried out early to have a positive effect on brain development. That’s why the opportunity to diagnose and initiate therapy at the time about a year old child is very important to increase the potential development of the child,” he said.

A very prominent symptom of autism is the attitude of children who tend not to care about the environment and the people around him, as if refusing to communicate and interact, as well as live in his own world. Children with autism also have difficulty understanding the language and communicate verbally.

Autism can happen to anybody, knows no ethnicity, nationality, socioeconomic circumstances, and intellectual state of the parent. Comparisons between boys and girls who have autistic disorder is 4:1. Intelligence of autistic children vary greatly, from very bright to very inferior.

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