A healthy life style is about having the best possible health. The main thing is to have fun and enjoy yourself. That is the key to all that you do in life, the joy. Most people believe that their health is the most important thing in life.

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More that money, houses or land. What do you think? I bet you would agree with them. We all want good health. Since we know it want just fall in our laps; here are 5 pillars on which to build a healthy life style. These should help you get to a level of fitness that you can be comfortable with. 1. Health Sreening, 2. Sleep and Rest, 3.Nutrition, 4. Exercise and 5. Water.

First a health screening, just to see what your concerns are if any; that''s a good start.

The second is sleep and rest. It''s great to wake-up thinking today will be another great day just because you feel so good.

Thirdly nutrition,you may have heard the saying; you are what you eat. Then we should be made of fruits and vegetables.

The forth exercise, it leans toward the idea that you are in pursuit of a fit body.

And pillar number five is water. Remember if you become thirsty you are already dehyrated. The amount of water you drink daily will be helpful to the whole body. These 5 pillar will be discussed in more detail in pages to come. Taking care of yourself is no small task, however the effort will be worth while. The body is meant to move and we really have''nt been doing enough of it.

You may be a well oiled machine just looking for a place to lay down some tracks. Then balance is the gas that will keep you running smooth for years to come. Someone once said; too thy own self be true. Only you know for sure if the fuel you are running on is even worth putting in the tank. With that said; a healthy life style is up to you and your imagination and creative ability.

Streamline what you do and tailor to your likeing. If you make it fun then you will do the plan layed out. If not, then you may find yourself one milkshake away from popping a button. Or straining your wrist lifting the remote. Hey, you tell me what is it that gets you off the couch.

What makes you buy the salad and not the burger? Lets work together and make this the last time you need to lose
20lbs. Find the healthyest way to get fit. Give yourself some credit for believing it''s possible to feel better. When we educate ourselves we take control of our well being. Not just leaving the knowledge on the table for someone else to know. YOU, you matter to your family and to your friends; co-workers and neighborhood. A healthy life style goes wherever you go. Now are you on the move or setting on ready? Do we need to add more pillars or will these 5 hold you up for now.

Remember to have a good time eating and moving. Hydrate, know your screening numbers and get some sleep. Keep in mind it will take some effort to reach your goal. You must first plan the work. Then stick to the plan you put together. When it''s a life style change you can tailor the pillars to fit the goals you have in mind. You now have some help to get to and maintain a healthy life style.