Teeter P3 Back Stretcher – Unboxing

Teeter P3 Back Stretcher – Unboxing

I’ve had a bad back for over 10 years , and I’ve been looking for an in-home solution that could alleviate the pressure in my lower back. I had seen the Teeter products at the local sporting goods store (I was going to say “Sports Authority” but hey they’re not paying me) and had always been intrigued by the inversion tables. However the inversion table were always a bit of concern to me because of a accident that my friend’s father had while trying to use the Teeter by himself. The Teeter P3 Back Stretcher came across as a “safer” alternative and the price point was significantly lower than it’s inversion table cousins. Priced at $99, it’s half the cost of the Teeter’s least expensive inversion table (on Amazon.com).

The P3 is very compact and when folded up measures less than 24″ in length and the construction is actually very sturdy, with locking/releasing pins to secure any moving parts. The aluminum (I’ve tweeted Teeter and am waiting for their response to verify the materials used) frame does add significant weight and as anyone with a bad back would tell you, “Be sure to lift with your legs.” For such a small device, the P3′s weight gives it some gravitas. The quality assembly did leave out an important detail (well, it’s important to those living with hardwood floors): the allen screws securing the handles to the main shaft are exposed metal and could subject hardwood floors to some scratches. This mishap can be easily avoided via a towel or yoga mat or moving to an area with carpet. If this is the type of flaw I found, it’s because I was hard-pressed to find anything worthwhile.

In addition to the standard warranty and instructions, Teeter includes an instructional DVD and carrying case for the P3. Given that the P3 is sized to make it seem travel-friendly, I have my doubts as to whether or not I would carry this to the gym, mall, or golf course, but it makes perfect sense in the office. Sitting at a desk for 8+ hours day does a number on your back and there isn’t enough time in a work-day to lay down and try to release the pressure on your back. I could imagine the P3 having a real impact in the office.

The P3 has a 5-year warranty that covers “a repair and replacement warranty against manufacturing defects in materials, workmanship, fabrics and padding.” Assuming you get 5-years out of the this, at $20/year for relief from back pain, I’ll take it! Look out for the first review coming in next few weeks as I explore the possibility of back pain relief with the Teeter P3 Back Stretcher.


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